Common Questions

Therapy works best when you are open to it and are also willing to participate in your own healing. As you prepare, here are some common questions to ask yourself.

Common QuestionsWhat do I hope to gain from therapy? Am I comfortable with this therapist? Would I want to come back? Am I willing to do the inner work necessary to participate in therapy?

Will therapy work for me?
Research supports that therapy works for most clients. Many clients report relief from depression, anxiety, relationship problems, as well as from numerous other issues. Many also report seeking therapy as a means of personal growth and exploration.

What is therapy going to cost me?
Therapy is an investment for quality of life, something that is hard to find elsewhere. I find that cost is always a part of the question in life. What we choose in life may cost time, money, heartache, physical stress, sacrifice in other areas, etc. There is always a cost. Therapy is an investment; and clients have told me many times that the benefit to their quality of life almost always outweighs the financial cost of therapy. I do not take this investment lightly.

How long are therapy sessions?
Sessions are 50 minutes long.

How confidential are the sessions?
Information disclosed by clients is strictly confidential. The only exception to this is disclosure required or permitted by law.

I tried therapy before and it didn’t work, why should I try it again?
Sometimes the therapeutic approach of a therapist you worked with in the past just wasn’t a good fit. Just as you sometimes have to switch medication, you may need to switch therapists or treatment approach to achieve success.


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